I contracted with Vanover’s to install transition strips (to separate the hardwood floor between my kitchen and living room) and to refinish the kitchen.

After a couple attempts to get a rep to come to my house to look at the job, they sent an estimator. I showed the estimator what I wanted as far as the transition strips by pointing to one side of the kitchen that already has the strips and told him I wanted the same thing on the opposite side of the kitchen, which adjoins the living room. He gave me a written quote and we scheduled the work, which I was told would take 3 days. I moved my pregnant wife and 2 young kids out of the house and into a hotel for 2 nights so they wouldn’t have to endure the fumes and because we had no use of our kitchen. When we returned at the end of the 3rd day, the work was not done. After calling, I learned that it would take 4 days and he alleged that he told me this initially. This was not the case. To make matters worse, the crew installed a raised threshold, which looked absurd and was nothing like what I pointed out to the estimator. When I asked what the story was with that, I was told that was what was on the agreement. Well, shame on me for not catching that he had written “threshold” instead of “transition strips” on the quote. Regardless, I needed the correct transition strips installed and asked that they do that. This is when the run-around began.

Despite promises they would get it right, I can’t get them to actually show up. They have no-showed 3 times and this has dragged out for 4 weeks. This has cost me 2 days off from work to be here plus one day for my wife. The company avoids my phone calls and after 4 requests to have owner, Dwight Vanover, call me, I have yet to receive a call from him. All I get is excuses and lies. This is the most unprofessionally run business I have dealt with.

Monetary Loss: $2000.


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